LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – One group in Arkansas is working to tell the stories of kids who are waiting to find their forever families.

Wednesday’s Child has worked with Project Zero to showcase the amazing young people who long for a place to call home. Christie Erwin created the group 15 years ago after fostering so many children that she knew there had to be a better way to spotlight these kids as they wait.

“Our goal is in our name. We want there to be zero kids in foster care waiting to be adopted,” Erwin said. “Raising awareness about the need, giving hope for waiting kids and connecting them with the right forever families.”

She knows the reality of the situation children are facing, as well as how hard the process can be on everyone involved.

“Adoption involves loss. and we don’t discount that,” Erwin explained. “Anytime a child loses their birth family it’s hard, but it’s beautiful to see second chances given.”

Project Zero brings professional photographers and videographers in and showcases the stories and pictures of waiting kids in the Arkansas Heart Gallery. They also work with groups trying to advance efforts of the Department of Human Services to connect children with new families.

“We are just a piece of the puzzle, and we are humbled, and we love waiting kids,” Erwin said. “We want the world to know how precious and unique each one of them are.”

For her, the best part is when they can add the “family found” banner to a photo, and someday she hopes the group can reach her vision of having, “more families waiting than kids waiting.”

That is their goal, until there are Zero waiting.

For more information on adoption opportunities in Arkansas, head to Project Zero.