Each week in our Wednesday’s Child segments we hear the most honest, and often heartbreaking responses, from the foster kids we feature when we ask them what they want in a forever family.

“Loving parents.”

“A mom and dad who will discipline me.”

“A family who won’t change their mind and bring me back.”

During the past two days, Arkansas non-profit Project Zero has been taking the time to record dozens of these kids’ stories, hopes, wishes and dreams.

These Short Film Blitz days happen a couple of times a year, with foster kids traveling from all over the state to one central location. It takes a lot of coordination from Project Zero, DHS and the film crew.

The videos are then posted on Project Zero’s website so that prospective families can get to know the kids and what they need in a family.

Project Zero’s Executive Director Christie Erwin said these days are often very difficult as they listen to the kids like Aaliyah open up about their deepest hurts and fears and desires.  

“Somebody who will listen to me during the times it gets hard. It gets hard on me when I’m doing things wrong and people don’t understand me,” Aaliyah said.

“Being able to have a voice is life-changing. I think so many times our waiting kids don’t receive the value that they deserve, and people put a label on them and don’t understand who they are,” Christie Erwin said. “They are each unique valuable and precious and they deserve to be in a family.”

To watch the videos that have already been uploaded, visit theprojectzero.org.

You can also watch any of our Wednesday’s Child segments on KARK.com.