LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As Miss Arkansas 2021, Whitney Williams prepares to compete on the national stage, she took time to share with us her passion for adoption and foster care in Arkansas.

During a busy time of preparation, she spent the day at Kendra Scott in Little Rock with 13-year-old Lily, a teen in foster care who is hoping to be adopted.

“We had fun dancing, getting to know each other and making cotton candy,” Whitney said.

For the current crown holder, foster care and adoption is something near and dear.

“I was adopted the day I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas,” Whitney shared. “It’s so important to me because I wouldn’t have the opportunity I do today with my family adopting me.”

She has a heart for helping these kids find homes and making them feel loved while they are waiting.

“I’m so passionate about it because my mother actually fostered me before adopting me,” Whitney said. “It’s special to my heart because I see that we have thousands of children here in Arkansas who need homes. I go to many foster homes throughout the state, and I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to give back to these kids.”

Soon, she will be reunited with her biological mom for the first time.

“I will actually get to meet my birth mother next year after my time in the Miss America organization,” Whitney explained. “I’ll be able to tell her thank you for the life you were able to give me.”

She can’t imagine her life without the people that brought her in and gave her a loving home, saying, “It’s so beautiful that God placed me in a wonderful family that’s given so much.”

Her message to anyone considering fostering or adopting is to go for it.

“Absolutely do it. There are so many children who need a good home.”

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