LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As thousands of foster kids in Arkansas wait to be adopted, sets of siblings are longing to find a home where they will be taken in together.

This week, as part of our Wednesday’s Child series, we introduce you to 12-year-old, Z’Khaia, 10-year-old Damond, 4-year-old Liberty and 4-year-old Torrence, four siblings who love to play.

Z’Khaia loves playing clarinet in the band and loves being at school.

“I like math because I’m always getting A’s,” Z’Khaia said.

Torrence loves sports and watching big sporting events.

“I like to play football and watch the Super Bowl,” Damond said.

The two youngest love to create and play with toys. We got to spend the day with them at the Museum of Discovery, where they played a lot and danced and sang their hearts out.  

Most of all, the quartet said they love being together more than anything.  

“I would like to have a family that will take care of us and love us and that we’ll be safe,” Damond said.

The bond between these four is strong, as they look out for each other.

“I just want everyone to be happy,” Z’Khaia said.

As they wait, they dream of a life with a new family.

“I hope I’ll be safe. And I’ll be having a good life,” Z’Khaia said.

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