Hundreds of kids in Arkansas are waiting to be adopted. That’s why we brought back Wednesday’s Child, where we feature kids hoping to find a family.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – 14-year-old Steven is a teen who is in the school choir, never misses Church on Sunday or Wednesday and loves gaming. We went with him to Spec Ops Gaming Lounge in Little Rock and his reaction was priceless.

“I think this is the coolest place I’ve ever been to,” Steven said.

Steven has the best manners of any teen you will meet. He is kind and thoughtful and will bring so much joy to a family. He longs for a mom and dad who will care and be there for him. His future family will be happy to know the first thing he plans to do in his new home is to learn all of their rules.

“He is generous, and he is polite. He says yes mam and no mam, and he thinks of others before himself,” Kayla Mannrique with DHS said.

Steven is longing for a home with a stable and loving family.

“He would love siblings but wants to be the youngest and he would love pets,” Courtney Vickers with DHS said.

And as he waits for his family, he leans on his faith.

“Sometimes when I get scared, I pray and think of happy thoughts, and it helps me,” Steven said.

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