Hundreds of kids are waiting in foster care hoping to be adopted. We at KARK are hoping to help these kids find loving homes through our Wednesday’s Child Series.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – This week we introduce you to 11-year-old Riddick who is polite, kind and loves to be active.

Riddick spent the day at Defy Little Rock Trampoline Park, where he loved jumping and playing. He also shared why his hope is to find a home.

“I need a family. I am all alone. I need brothers and sisters and pets and a mom and a dad,” Riddick said.

Riddick’s life hasn’t been easy, but he has persevered.

“Riddick is very resilient. He has been through a lot, but it hasn’t affected his attitude,” Casa Volunteer Marla Hunt said.

One thing is certain, Riddick is optimistic and hopeful for the future.

“Riddick is a great kid. He is exuberant, enthusiastic and bubbly. He really wants a family,” Hunt said. “I am hopeful someone with a loving home will open their home to Riddick “

Although he’s never met them, he has a message for his future family. “That I love them,” Riddick said.

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