Hundreds of kids are waiting in foster care hoping to be adopted. We at KARK are hoping to help these kids find loving homes through our Wednesday’s Child Series.

From a day at the arcade, to shooting hoops, to trying on makeup, we have a lot of fun with our Wednesday’s Child each week doing an activity they love to do.

This week, it was all about relaxation; a moment to escape for a little girl who has been through so much.

13-year-old Nodia got the chance to experience her first spa day, courtesy of Belle and Blush in Little Rock. It’s the perfect activity for someone who’s not up for talking much which, according to her adoption supervisor Danielle Sims, is not typical.

“She talked the whole way here today,” Danielle Sims laughed.  

The past five years in the state foster care system haven’t always been easy for Nodia.

“I’ve been bouncing a lot,” Nodia said.

It’s the result of a difficult past that Sims said Nodia is working on overcoming.

“She faces a lot of challenges, but through all of that she has persevered, and she still has a very bubbly outlook on things,” Sims said.

Despite her quietness, Nodia has an infectious smile once she warms up to you. She plays in the orchestra, loves big dogs and her favorite activity is going shopping.  

Sims said the perfect family for Nodia will have a lot of patience, understanding and love.

“I think if she can find a family that will commit to her and be there for her throughout everything, that is what she needs,” Sims said. If you are interested in adopting Nodia, or any of the children we have featured in our Wednesday’s child series, visit