Hundreds of kids in Arkansas are waiting to be adopted. That’s why we brought back Wednesday’s Child, where we feature kids hoping to find a family.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Jacobi is like many other 2-year-olds. His foster mother Nancy Murray explained that he loves music and dancing and is a bright light.

“He’s usually just peppy and loves to dance and sing and jump,” Nancy said, adding that his foster family is hoping and praying that a family in Little Rock will adopt him and give him a loving home.

That pep is always going, even as Jacobi faces the challenge of being blind. Nancy noted, though, that he does not let that slow him down.

That was a sentiment shared by Arkansas Department of Human Services staffer Bailey Murray during a recent visit with Jacobi at World Services for the Blind. In addition to being Jacobi’s caseworker, she is also Nancy’s daughter, so she knows how the boy will bring so much fun and happiness to a family.

“He is precious, and everyone he meets immediately falls in love with him,” Bailey said.

That bright spirit is amazing considering that Jacobi’s life has been far from easy. In addition to his visual impairment, Jacobi has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder.

“He has had a very, very hard life,” Bailey explained.

Jacobi’s foster family is currently in Northwest Arkansas, but they are hoping he can find an adoptive home in Little Rock, since he has so many therapy appointments at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. They also hope he can someday attend the city’s School for the Blind.

“It will mean so much,” Bailey said. “He deserves the world, and the perfect family is out there waiting for him, and they are waiting to meet their son.”

Jacobi truly lights up every room he is in.

“He’s our light. We love him. We love him so, so much,” Bailey said. “We can already tell. He turns 3 in December, and he’s going to be a world changer.”

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