The Wednesday’s Child series continues to help foster children find the perfect family and this week the series focuses on 17-year-old Hayley, who hopes to find a family before her next birthday.

“I hope there’s a family out there for me and I hope they’ll find me before I turn 18.”

Hayley loves animals and all things beauty, but while getting pampered she shared what she truly desired- a mom and dad.

“At this point I would love any mom or dad. I would be grateful for any mom or dad,” Hayley said.

She wants parents to spend time with and get the one-on-one attention she’s been longing for.

“I would like to go to the movies and go out to eat. Just maybe go to a store and look around and not just be by myself,” Hayley said.

She said that there are many things she hopes to learn such as to drive and how to cook. One of the things she says she would love to do is shop for ingredients and cook meals together.

Hayley said that she would do best as an only child and having parents will help her stay on the right track.

“I hope they will listen to me and will do everything they can do to help and help me catch back up in school,” Hayley said.

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