Hundreds of kids are in foster care waiting to find a family and finally be adopted. That’s why KARK 4 News is committed to helping them find a home through our Wednesday’s Child series. 

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Meet 15-year-old Emma. She loves to shop, draw and play softball. We spent the day with her at D-Bat in Little Rock, a softball and training facility, where he impressed everyone with her skills.

Emma loves softball because of the time she gets to spend with others.

“I get to go to games and be around others,” she said.

Emma knows exactly what she wants to do in the future – be a nurse at a retirement home. The teen says she loves spending time with the elderly and wants to show them kindness.

To help Emma achieve her dream of being a nurse, she’s hoping and praying to find a place to belong.

“Finding a home that loves me for me,” she said when asked what she is looking for in a forever family.

Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption specialist Margaret Miller said Emma’s life hasn’t been easy.

“She may have had some difficulty, but she’s worked through it very well,” Miller explained, noting that the type of family Emma desires is anyone who will show her love. “She’s not picky, but she wants a good family.”

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