Hundreds of kids are waiting in foster care hoping to be adopted. We at KARK are hoping to help these kids find loving homes through our Wednesday’s Child Series.

It’s said that a smile is the best makeup a girl can wear. This week’s Wednesday’s Child certainly has a beautiful one.

However, behind her grin is a lot of pain, sadness and sometimes anger.

She has been through a lot but is hopeful she will find a family who will love her, just as much as she promises to love them.

To 15-year-old Angelica, makeup is art.

“I do it sometimes when I get bored. I like the look of it,” Angelica said.

It’s the perfect accessory when you’re feeling anything but.

“Sometimes, I don’t feel so confident about myself, so I go and put on makeup to make myself confident,” Angelica said. “Even though I should be confident without, it’s just me.”

While most teens are just figuring out what shade of eyeshadow looks best, Angelica has had to grow up faster than others her age.

“Being in foster care, it’s a really tough place to be even when it’s not your fault and you think it’s your fault; even though it’s your parents’ fault,” Angelica said.

Before she was placed in the system two years ago, her appearance was the last thing she worried about.

“Are we going to eat? Are we going to have a roof over our heads? Are we going to be in the streets?” Angelica said.

Instead, she was making sure her siblings didn’t go hungry.

“Sometimes I wouldn’t eat, just to make them something to eat,” Angelica said. “It really was hard just because my parents wasn’t (sic) there for me,” Angelica said.

As she gets older, she understands she can create the life she wants.

“You have to push yourself to be better than what your parents was (sic),” Angelica said.

For her, that starts with a beautiful foundation, a family where she can just be a teen again.

“Somebody that is going to be there for me when I need them,” Angelica said. “I’ve been taking care of a lot of people and then for someone taking care of me, it is going to be a little weird but I’m going to get used to it,” Angelica laughed.

Angelica loves babies and said she would be perfect in a family with younger children she can take care of.

If you are interested in adopting Angelica, or any of the children we have featured in our Wednesday’s Child series, visit