Hundreds of kids are waiting in foster care hoping to be adopted. We at KARK are hoping to help these kids find loving homes through our Wednesday’s Child Series.

Each week we feature a foster child as part of our Wednesday’s child series.

We share their hopes, dreams and even their fears about being adopted. But it’s not often we take you to the moment life changes not only for the child, but for the family. The day they finally find their forever home.   

Lillie Price never imagined her life could look like this.

“It wasn’t ever a plan, it’s just where God led us and we just followed,” Lillie Price said.

She’s a mom to two stepsons, two adoptive daughters, and as of this weekend, another son, twenty-month-old Charlie.

“Adoption for our family is huge,” Price said. ”It’s not just a term or a phrase, like this is what makes our family a whole.”

While Charlie has lived with the Price family since he was five days old, his adoption became legal on Saturday. It’s a journey Lillie said wasn’t always easy, but worth it.

“There are battles and there are court cases and there are things that don’t get filed, delayed and things like that,” Price said. “However, you know when you get to the end of it and you look at it, you forget about all that. All of it’s gone.”

For the Prices, it started with simply opening up their home to kids without one.

“We fostered and that turned into adoption of the girls. We fostered several kiddos since then and it’s been a beautiful reunification with families,” Price said.

They eventually learned to put aside their worries about whether they’d be the perfect family and instead put their focus on the kids who need one.

“All of those fears you have are totally natural, but don’t wait for the right opportunity for everything to be perfect because you will never have that opportunity,” Price said.

As they celebrate their growing family, they find comfort knowing one less child is waiting for a family to call them home. 

“All they really need is just a chance and someone to love on them and they deserve that. They are worth it,” Price said.  

Price encourages those who are curious about fostering or adopting to attend an informational meeting. You can find at more at or