LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Monday Noon Update – A big winter storm is hitting the state today. A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for all counties in Arkansas.

It will remain in effect for the entire day Monday.

A Wind Chill Warning has also been issued in north Arkansas. A Wind Chill Advisory in effect for far central and south Arkansas. Both last until 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Much of central Arkansas will see 6-10 inches of snow. A little less can be expected towards the far northwest and southeast.


Regardless of how much snow is forecast for your area, this is a high impact event.

Temperatures will be well below freezing during the entire event, so road conditions will rapidly deteriorate once sleet begins on Sunday with travel becoming dangerous Sunday night into Monday. Extremely cold temperatures will prevent much improvement on the roads after the storm ends.

Accumulating sleet and snow will lead to a variety of issues from travel to power problems and more. Travel is strongly discouraged as it will be hazardous and near impossible to navigate the icy roads. Anyone who attempts to travel should know they may get stuck and be prepared in case that happens.


The following is a list of preparations to make before winter weather begins. Many of the suggestions below are extra cautionary in case of power outages which will be more likely due to increased usage in the grid.

  • Prepare an emergency supply kit with supplies like food, water, battery operated radio, flash light, extra batteries
  • Charge all mobile devices – phones, laptops, portable chargers, etc.
  • Turn refrigerator and freezer to coldest settings
  • Stock up on non-perishable foods
  • Fill up your vehicle’s gas tank
  • Insolate windows and doors
  • Check on elderly or vulnerable neighbors
  • Dress warm to avoid hypothermia
  • Pay attention to branches or wires that could break if you have to go out
  • Stay away from any power lines that are down
  • Avoid travel as roadways will be slippery

We also encourage you to monitor road conditions through ARDOT by visiting their site.

In addition to the storm that is to take place starting Sunday lasting into Monday, we have another winter storm that is forecast to impact Arkansas Wednesday and Thursday.

Confidence is increasing in how it will play out with snow & sleet being the main players. Accumulation cannot be determined this far out but keep in mind that snow will already be on the ground from the first system.