Wet weather pattern setting up for Arkansas

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- As we wrap up the last days of February and move into the first few days of March, our weather pattern will turn into a rainy (not snow) one across the Natural State.

The tropical jet stream (green arrows) will be pushed north and flow across the Southern U.S. thanks to a ridge of high pressure over the Gulf of Mexico.

As the tropical jet flows over the state, the polar jet will not be far away, helping guide disturbances towards Arkansas and allow them to tap into this moisture.

This pattern will provide the opportunity for several days of rain to be possible. Rain will not be on the entire time over the next several days but there is potential for a lot of it.

At this time, the highest range of rainfall accumulation will be across the southern half of Arkansas where 3-6 inches will be possible. The risk of flooding is low at this time as accumulation will be spread across several days.

While the flooding risk is low, it will not be zero. We still do not have a lot of green vegetation so absorption will be limited. We will keep a close eye on this for you.

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