Weather Wrap-up: May 2020

Weather Headlines

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- What a month this has been weather-wise from temperatures to rainfall.

Over the last 31 days, we had a very active jet stream aloft. The jet stream is the steering flow for our weather systems across the United States. Due to this activeness, we had a belt of weather systems, one behind the other, move through the area to keep our temperatures swinging and rain chances going.

Looking at temperatures, we spent many days this month with below normal temperatures. Again, this has to do with the numerous weather systems that included moving cold front through the states.

In fact, we had so many days of below normal temperatures that we ended this month a few degrees below normal from where we should have been. Both the daily high temperatures and low temperatures were below normal.

As far as rainfall is concerned, we had a lot of it. We ended the month with more than six inches when the normal is 4.87″.

Another interesting thing to note is our rainfall total so far for the year. As of May 31st, we have already tallied 60% of our annual rainfall within five months.

Finally, let’s talk about cloud cover. Due to the number of systems we dealt with, we only recorded 7 days in which sky cover was labeled sunny to mostly sunny.

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