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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- We’ve finally made it to the month of September. For those who like fall, this is the beginning point of transitioning from hot weather to cooler weather.

While astronomical fall isn’t until September 22, meteorological fall started on September 1st. Why is there a difference?

In the weather world, meteorological seasons start at the beginning of the same months when astronomical seasons take place. The reason for the difference is simple. Fall’s start date can vary from September 21st through the 23rd depending on the year and time zone you live in.

Meteorological seasons are based on the annual temperature cycle. Another perk of starting at the beginning of the month is that it also helps create a much easier comparison with data for previous years. This would be very difficult if we had to base it off of the astronomical dates since they can vary.

September Normals for Little Rock:

As we continue to move through this month, temperature-wise as you can see above we will be cooling off a good bit. The normal high temperatures will be dropping by 10 degrees by the end of the month compared to the beginning while the normal low temperature will be cooling by 11 degrees.

Normal rainfall amounts will be going back up as we move into a time of year when the polar jet stream becomes more active again. That means more systems moving through the area.

Longer days of sunlight will be slowly coming to an end. Over this month, we will lose about an hour of daylight.

September Forecast:

Above is what we know based on a 30-year average how September should look as we go through the month but we know Mother Nature can skew from this depending on how the weather pattern pans out.

Looking ahead knowing that information, we can look at the forecast from the Climate Prediction Center and see what they think is expected based on those values above.

As you can see from the image, temperature-wise we may see a below-average month. That doesn’t mean every day will be below normal with temperatures. We could have a hot streak but as long as we reach the end of the month with a 30-day average below the normal, it will verify.

Precipitation is forecast to be above normal. This isn’t good news for those who really need to dry out after a very wet last few weeks.

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