LITTLE ROCK, Ark –  Little Rock and much of central Arkansas have seen a wide variety of weather this week.

To start the week, temperatures sailed into the triple digits on Monday. Little Rock hit 104° on Monday, making it the hottest temperature in 6 years. This also tied the record in Little Rock for the 4th time. Little Rock first hit 104° in 1943, then in 1954 and 2007, and lastly on Monday!

High temperatures across the state on Monday.

On Wednesday another record is within reach in Little Rock. This time it is on the other end of the spectrum.

Thanks to a cold front, cloud cover, and lingering rainfall, temperatures on Wednesday could stay in the mid-70s. The record lowest high temperature is 77° set back in 1981.

Record lowest high temperatures in Little Rock.

If Little Rock stays at 76° Wednesday afternoon, it will collect a new record.


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