LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Late Sunday night and the very early hours of Monday morning a cold front pushed through Arkansas. Along the front, parts of the state saw beneficial rain and severe weather. Gusty winds within the strongest thunderstorms caused well over 10,000 power outages early Monday morning.

The storms may have caused power outages, but they also brought a good amount of rain to parts of the state that needed it. Below is a map of the rain totals from across Arkansas.

Rain totals from Sunday night and Monday morning. ERR = Rain gauge issues

Rain totals ranged from nothing in Southwest Arkansas to over an inch near Jonesboro. Unfortunately, no location saw enough to make a dent in the worsening drought conditions.

The rain moved into Northern Arkansas around sunset Sunday night and dried up over Southern Arkansas around sunrise Monday morning.

Overall, the last month has been extremely dry across Arkansas. But there are some locations in central Arkansas that saw more than an inch last Tuesday and last night.


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