On This Day in Arkansas Weather History: November 18

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – On November 18, 1880, the state of Arkansas saw some of the coldest air of the season with some locations reporting air colder than 0 degrees.

After a heavy snow the day before, clear skies allowed for ultimate cooling with Arctic air flowing in from the north. As a result, temperatures plummeted through the early morning hours.

The coldest temperature officially recorded was -6 degrees at Mount Ida in Montgomery County. At 2 p.m, Mount Ida “warmed” up to 28 degrees. By 10 p.m, the temperature had fallen to 10 degrees.

-6 degrees in Mount Ida remains the coldest November temperature recorded in the state of Arkansas since record-keeping began.

Coldest temperatures recorded in Arkansas during the month of November.
Credit: National Weather Service, Little Rock.

Little Rock saw a low of 10 degrees on the morning of the 18th.

Temperatures as low as -10 degrees were reported in Russellville’s newspaper. Other portions of west and northwest Arkansas claim to have seen temperatures as low as -17 degrees.

Clipping from the Russellville Democrat on November 25, 1880

The cold snap, however, didn’t last for long. Temperatures moderated the next day.

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