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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Now that we have finished up June 2020, it is time to look back at how we did weather-wise.

Let’s start with temperatures. As you may have noticed there is a lot of blue on the calendar. According to the legend, that means the average temperature for that day was below the normal that is expected.

A few things factored in as to how we stayed mostly below normal for the month. One of the main reasons was from an unusually strong low-pressure system for June standards. It brought a cold front through the area that ushered in dry and cool air. This northerly to northwesterly flow stayed running as a ridge in the Gulf of Mexico failed to really establish and maintain enough strength to keep us on the hot and humid side.

Overall, we ended up 1.6 degrees below normal. Our hottest temperature recorded this month in Little Rock was 94 degrees with our lowest being 59 degrees.

Moving on to rainfall. If you start off looking at the number of days we observed rainfall (13 of 30), you may think that we didn’t get that much. However, for the entire month, we totaled 6.73″ of rainfall which is three inches above normal.

Direct your eyes back to the calendar again and pay close attention to the numbers. Most were small values except for three of them. The 8th, 23rd, and 29th were our big rainmaker days and carried the majority of our monthly total. The day with the biggest rainfall amount came from Tropical Storm Cristobal as it moved through the area. The other two days were from a series of thunderstorms that kept moving over the area producing some significant downpours.

Then you have the 13th of the month. If it had not rained that day, it would have resulted in an eleven day dry streak. That would have been our longest dry stretch since the fall of last year.

In the cloud cover department, this is the time of the year when we are still dealing with several subtle systems that can swing through the area. Even though it may not produce rain, it can help enhance cloud cover. Rain does help because it adds to the moisture at the surface which then evaporates and can lead to cloud development. We only had two fully cloudy days with 10 sunny days and 17 partly to mostly cloudy days.

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