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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Seven months of 2020 down, only five more months to go. Now that we have finished up July, let’s take a look back at how the month ended up weather-wise.

Let’s start with temperatures. For the most part, July was very close to normal with high and low temperatures. The monthly average as you can see above was 82.4 degrees which was only 0.4 degrees below what should be normal.

The highest temperature recorded for this month was 96 degrees and that was on the 16th. That number holds some significance. Looking at 142 years worth of weather data, only 35 of those 142 years recorded a high temperature less than or equal to 96 degrees during the month of July.

Moving on to rainfall. For the entire month, Little Rock only observed rainfall 10 out of the 31 days this month. On those days we recorded rain, we only totaled 2.43 inches of rainfall. That is actually below normal for the month of July.

This is the first month so far this entire year that we have recorded below normal rainfall. The last time we had a monthly deficit was December 2019.

Looking at the summer season, we are on schedule and should close near normal or maybe just above it.

We are around 11 inches in the surplus with the YTD rainfall total.

The cloud cover data was pretty cool. We recorded no full cloudy days but we did record 30 partly to mostly cloudy days. We had only one day was sunny to mostly sunny.

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