Heat advisory in effect Sunday for much of Arkansas

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- On Sunday, make sure you have a way to stay cool as high temperatures and humidity will cause heat index values to exceed 105°+ for much of the afternoon hours. This is why a heat advisory has been issued.

A ridge of high pressure over the Rocky Mountains is expanding eastward over the Mid-South which is responsible for this and will continue to contribute to our weather pattern for much of next week.

Heat Advisory – issued when heat index values are expected to reach 105 or higher or temperatures get up to 103 degrees or higher.

Excessive Heat Watch – issued when heat index values of 110 or higher are possible or temperatures of 105 degrees or higher are expected. Issued 12 to 48 hours in advance.

Excessive Heat Warning – issued when heat index values are expected to reach 110 or hotter or temperatures of 105 degrees or higher.

Tip to Beat the Heat:

  • drink plenty of water – avoid sugary drinks, caffeine and alcoholic beverages
  • wear loose-fitting, light colored and lightweight clothing
  • use sunscreen for time spent outdoors (sunburn reduces the body’s ability to cool down)
  • keep shades drawn and blinds closed inside during the day and use air conditioning when available
  • take cool baths or showers
  • do not leave children or pets in a closed vehicle
  • provide extra water and access to a cool environment for pets

As the body temperature rises, you could experience a heat-related illness such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke. To prevent serious heat-related illness or death, children and pets should never be left alone in a vehicle. The same can be said for persons with pre-existing health conditions and the elderly.

According to PETA, a dog can die from heatstroke in a car within minutes, even if the car is in the shade with the windows slightly opened. It’s best to keep animals indoors during high heat conditions.

To learn more about heat-related illnesses, how to distinguish symptoms, and decide what actions to take to alleviate the health issue, click HERE.

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