Freezing temperatures forecast tonight

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Tonight (4/1-4/2), frost and freezing temperatures will be likely across much of the state. A FREEZE WARNING is in effect for all of Arkansas except Miller county.

Friday morning forecast temperatures

While normal low temperatures by the end of March and beginning of April should range from the middle to upper 40s it is not uncommon to still have near freezing or freezing temperatures.

As you can see above, many locations have just surpassed or have yet to reach their average last freeze or even frost dates.

The dates shown are based on climatological normals from 1981-2010, with a temperature of 36° for frost and 32° for a freeze.

There is at least a 50 percent probability that the last frost/freeze will occur on these dates.

Probabilities go up to 90 percent for last frost/freeze to occur two weeks prior.

Probabilities go down to 10 percent for a last frost/freeze to occur two weeks later.

If you have planted anything that is sensitive to these king of temperatures, make sure to plan accordingly to take care of them.

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