LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Summer 2022 has been a hot one! We are only halfway through meteorological summer and we have already seen more 100° days than we should in the entire year. And looking at the model data, the streak of 100s will continue into August!

During an average year, Central Arkansas will get into the triple digits around 8 days. This may seem like a lot because in both 2019 and 2020 Little Rock didn’t hit 100° at all, and only one day in 2021.

So far in 2022 Little Rock has made it to the triple digits 9 times. This is the most days in the 100s since 2012 when we reached 100° 29 times. The record for the most days in the triple digits is 47, set back in 1980! I don’t think we will break the record from 1980, but I do think it’s possible for us to reach 100° more than 29 times…

The forecast for the next week is all 100s. The Arkansas Storm Team’s 7-day forecast for Tuesday, July 19th through Monday, July 25th has triple digits every single day!

If our forecast verifies, this would start our streak of consecutive 100° days at 7. The record for the most consecutive 100° days is 15, set back in the scorching summer of 1980! Honestly, that record could be in jeopardy. The computer models that we use to help us forecast are showing 100° temperatures continuing through the end of July. Below is the data from the three computer models that we commonly use.

All three computer models have Little Rock in the 100s through Tuesday, July 26th. But the American model, which goes out 16 days, has Little Rock in the triple digits until early August. That’s why I think our record of 15 consecutive days in the 100s could fall.


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