LITTLE ROCK, Ark – After an extremely dry stretch this summer most of Arkansas is under at least moderate drought conditions, with a large portion of Central and Northwest Arkansas experiencing severe drought. Fortunately, our weather pattern is shifting to one with a lot more rainfall.

Forecast track from Saturday 8/20 – Wednesday 8/24

Including Wednesday’s rain, most of Arkansas could receive 4-6″ of rain over the next 7 days. With this much rain, there is always the concern of flooding. I’m not too concerned with flooding because the rain will fall over a multiday period.

Not including Wednesday’s rain, the totals are still widespread 2-4″. This will likely be enough to make a big dent in our drought conditions. The next drought monitor will be released Thursday 8/18, but there will likely only be minor improvements. The drought monitor that will be released on 8/25 will be the one that will include all this rain and it will likely be when we see huge improvements!

Drought monitor from Thursday 8/11/22.


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