Can a Greek Alphabet Tropical Cyclone Name be Retired?

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Atlantic tropical cyclone name lists repeat every six years unless a storm causes significant damage and/or casualties. If that happens, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) hurricane committee votes to retire that name from future lists. This avoids the use of catastrophic tropical cyclones like Allison, Harvey, Ike, Katrina, Rita and Michael, for example, from being used for future storms.

Given how busy the 2005, and now, the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season has been, this question has arisen–can a Greek alphabet tropical storm or hurricane be retired? The WMO says yes but with a hitch. The retired name would be suffixed with the year of occurrence but the original storm name would continue to be used for future tropical storms or hurricanes. As an example, if there was a devastating Hurricane Omega and the WMO decided it was appropriate to be retired, the retired name would be Omega2020 but the original name, Omega, would remain on the list.

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