Once again, another strong ridge of high pressure has parked across the mid-section of the country. In fact, this ridge could be a bit stronger than others this summer, thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Hilary and a developing system in the Gulf of Mexico, which are both steering around the edge of it.

A strong ridge of high pressure across the U.S. will result in near-record temperatures this upcoming week.

Afternoon highs will likely soar into the 98 to 103 degree range each day. Overnight lows will be rather warm as well, likely into the upper 70s to lower 80s. Heat index values will likely be even higher, above 110 degrees most days.

Temperatures will likely reach the triple-digits each day with heat index values above 110

While these temperatures may not break records, it is certainly possible that we come close or even tie some record high temperatures, especially on Tuesday and Friday.

This shows how close we may come to breaking record highs each afternoon.

As always, remember to take care of yourself in these conditions in order to avoid heat-related illness. Excessive Heat Warnings have already been issued for much of Arkansas on Tuesday, and will likely be re-issued each day beyond that.

Be sure to follow these steps to avoid heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

This weekend, we may see a weak cool front pass. But it will likely only drop temperatures into the mid-90s by early next week. Beyond that, temperatures will likely heat up again. This should keep temperatures above average through the rest of August.

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