Storms return to Arkansas late in the day Saturday, putting an end to the quiet, rain-free conditions we’ve seen in recent days. But if you have outdoor plans Saturday, don’t panic just yet. The timing of these storms may work in your favor.

Saturday morning through early afternoon should be dry across Arkansas. Outdoor plans in the late-afternoon and evening hours will be questionable as storms become more widespread.

Most of Saturday will be warm and muggy with partly sunny skies. Temperatures reach the lower 80s and wind will be breezy from the south. So whatever your plans may be, the forecast appears to cooperate–at least through mid-afternoon. See the slideshow below to see how radar may look like through the early afternoon.

But as we approach the 3 and 4 o’clock hours, a few isolated storms may start to build across western and central Arkansas. These become more widespread as we approach sunset. Then they continue to spread east across the Arkansas Delta through the rest of Saturday evening. See the slideshow below to see how radar may look like as storms build over central Arkansas and spread east.

Of course, some of these storms could be severe. The main risks come in the form of large hail and damaging wind. The tornado and flash flood risks are low, though not zero. So we will need to stay weather-aware into Saturday evening.

The Storm Prediction Center has highlighted most of Arkansas in a level 2 to 3 out of 5 risk for severe storms. The main risks will be hail and damaging wind.

Storms will gradually work their way out of Arkansas during the overnight hours, likely around midnight. Going into Sunday, the risk will be gone. So the rest of your weekend will be cooler and drier.

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