With temperatures in the 70s Wednesday afternoon and the threat of severe weather around the corner Wednesday evening, it’s easy to forget how snowy the February of 2021 was.

In 2021, the snow started on February 14 through February 17. It wrapped up on February 18, with only a trace amount of snow then. 

The snowstorm started on the lighter side, with 0.7″ inches recorded on Valentine’s day. Things quickly picked up on the 15th with 7.7″ of snow recorded.

Snow map February 14-15, 2021

The snow lightened up on the 16th with just a trace of snow recorded, but the cold really started to settle in. The low temperature fell to -1°F, with the high temperature only reaching 20°F. -1°F also set a new record low for Little Rock on the 16th.

The 17th by far was the snowiest day with 11.8″ of snow recorded.

February 17-18 snow map

All in all, Little Rock picked up over a foot and a half of snow at 20.2″. 

The entire month of February was one for the record books. February 2021 was one of the coldest on record in Little Rock. It was also the first time the temperature fell below zero since December 23, 1989. February 2021 is also the snowiest on record.

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