While this weekend’s weather is expected to be somewhat sloppy with off-and-on rain chances, the next risk for severe weather will come Sunday night into Monday morning.

The Storm Prediction Center has already highlighted parts of northwest Arkansas in the risk outlook for Sunday through Monday morning.

Sunday afternoon and evening, a new storm system will roll into the Southern Plains. This will bring an increased risk for tornadoes, large hail and damaging wind to much of Oklahoma, northern Texas and southern Kansas during the afternoon and early evening.

Severe storms will likely be moving through central Oklahoma Sunday evening.

Later in the night, those storms will work their way into parts of western Arkansas. During this time, they are expected to weaken. However, they could still maintain enough strength to cause problems.

Though storms will be weaker, they will likely arrive in western Arkansas after midnight Monday morning.

Overnight storms, regardless of intensity, can often be more dangerous because people are less likely to get warnings while sleeping. Be sure your method of getting warnings is capable of waking you up in the event a tornado warning is issued.

These storms will likely continue moving east through central and eastern Arkansas. Since they will be moving quickly, these could be out of the state by noon on Monday.

Until then, be on the lookout for an updated map that will be released Friday morning. It will highlight our risk based on the criteria below.


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