LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Our third round of ice moved into the area Wednesday afternoon and continues Thursday morning. The first round dropped sleet and freezing rain Monday night. The stronger second round added ice Tuesday.

An Ice Storm Warning (dark purple) is still in effect until noon Thursday in central Arkansas for the heaviest freezing rain and sleet accumulations. Ice accumulations will be between ” – ¼” for Little Rock metro. An additional ¼” – ½” of ice is possible for areas farther south and east including: Sheridan, Pine Bluff, Star City, Fordyce, Stuttgart and DeWitt.

A Winter Weather Advisory (light purple) is in effect until noon Thursday for less than ¼” accumulation of ice and/or snow.

TIMING: Freezing rain continues across southern Arkansas Thursday morning. This precipitation is expected to slowly turn into rain through the afternoon hours as temperatures warm above freezing again.

As of Thursday morning, around 30,000 power outages were reported across southern Arkansas. The highest chance for more power outages is for parts of south-central and east Arkansas throughout the rest of the morning.

If you want to see how much ice you got, make sure to measure ice on the top and bottom of the surface in order to get the average. It is important to note, you should not include the measurement of the branch in this example.

The amount of ice on the branch in this scenario would be ½”. Photo: Joel Young

Stay with Arkansas Storm Team for the latest winter weather updates. A degree change in the forecast will alter precipitation type and amount.