The Razorback football team opens their 2023 season this Saturday at noon right here in Little Rock! Early-season games are normally pretty warm, and it looks like Saturday will continue that tradition. So, how hot will it be for the tailgaters, and how does it stack up to season openers of the past?

Earlier this week it was announced that the game was being moved from kicking off at 3 p.m. back to noon to dodge playing during the hottest time of the day.

The forecast for Saturday is above average, but not anything close to breaking records.

Many will be out early tailgating and the temperatures in the morning will be pretty comfortable. Heat and humidity will increase for kickoff and by the time the game ends temperatures will be a few degrees above average. The high temperature Saturday afternoon will get to 93° which is 4° warmer than normal.

But how does the stack up against season openers over the last 10 years?

Going back to 2013, 93° will be the third hottest season opener for the Hogs.

In the last 10 years, the hottest season opener was on August 31, 2013, when the Razorbacks played Louisiana in Fayetteville. Kickoff was at 3 pm, so the high temperature of 98° was fully felt by all the players and fans. The Hogs beat the Ragin Cajuns 34-14.

The second hottest season opener since 2013 was in 2021. The Hogs played Rice in Fayetteville on September 4th at 1 pm. The high temperature that afternoon was 95°. The Razorbacks won that game 38-17.

The last time the Razorbacks opened their season in Little Rock was August 31, 2017. And it was actually one of the coolest season openers with the high temperatures that afternoon only reaching 76°! That day Little Rock got nearly an inch of rain! Arkansas beat Florida A&M 49-7.

In conclusion, this year’s season opener will be warm, but we all know it could be a lot worse… WOO PIG SOOIE!!!

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