LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – At least one more day of triple-digit heat is expected in Arkansas.

The Arkansas end-of-summer heat wave continues Wednesday. This last burst of extreme temperatures is set to peak at a high of 101° in the afternoon, summer’s final day.

If Little Rock reaches 101°, it will break the record for the day. The old record is 100° set back in 2005 when we had a similar end-of-summer heat wave. In fact, the 2005 heat wave tied or broke records for five straight days!

As you can see from the graph above this year’s heat wave isn’t as hot as 2005.

Wednesday is the only day expected to break a record.

This heat is abnormal for this late in September, but today isn’t our latest summer 100° day. Little Rock’s latest day in the triple digits is actually Sept. 29, 1953. Back then the temperature reached 101° in the Capitol City.

We have never recorded a temperature in the triple digits in the month of October.

The forecast for Thursday is not even close to breaking a record because a cold front is forecast to move across Arkansas.


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