LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Snow has wrapped up across Arkansas and dozens of snow reports are coming in. Many reports are for more than a foot of snow!

Our winter storm arrived in the Natural State midday Tuesday and started as rain. As temperatures began to cool, more Arkansans saw their raindrops change into snowflakes. This happened throughout Tuesday afternoon/evening. By the early hour of Wednesday morning, the snowstorm moved out of the state.

Locations that changed to snow the fastest saw the highest totals. Here’s a list of the top snow totals we’ve gotten.

Not everyone hit the snow jackpot. Most Arkansans woke up Wednesday morning to brown grass. There was a very sharp cutoff that crossed central Arkansas.

As expected, northwest Arkansas and the higher elevations on the Ouachita Mountains saw the most. There Arkansas river valley saw slightly less, and Little Rock like most of the state saw nothing.

Overall, the Arkansas Storm Team did a great job forecasting this storm! The snow forecast we made the days leading up to the event nearly match the reports!

– Meteorologist Alex Libby

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