LITTLE ROCK, Ark –  While temperatures are rivaling record levels Wednesday afternoon, a cold front headed our direction on Friday is going to drastically swing temperatures.

This cold front is going to keep temperatures on the cold side into early next week. Since our temperatures won’t have a chance to warm up before our next weather maker arrives, that sets the stage for our first flakes of the season.

Before you grab your snow shovels, this wintry mix chance is going to be fairly few and far between. The best chance currently looks likely in the higher elevation areas, especially in northwestern Arkansas.

Most of Arkansas is set to see a cold rain late Monday night into Tuesday morning. Temperatures will be down into the lower 40s. However, a few of the higher-elevation areas could likely see a wintry mix in a few spots. This will likely look like a few snowflakes and sleet pellets mixed in with the cold rain.

Temperatures will likely be above freezing, so travel impacts are unlikely at this time. This is something the Arkansas Storm Team will monitor closely over the next few days.

Looking ahead, the cold will likely stick around. The Climate Prediction Center shows Arkansas will likely be well below average through the middle of November.


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