LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The severe threat for Little Rock is over, but a few spin up tornadoes will still be possible over southeast Arkansas tonight.

A Tornado Watch is in effect until 10pm for parts of south central Arkansas including: Magnolia, El Dorado, Prescott, El Dorado, Rison and Warren. Clark, Dallas & Ouachita Counties were taken out of the watch early. A more recent Tornado Watch is in effect until 2am for southeast Arkansas including: Crossett, Eudora, Monticello, McGehee, Dumas & Star City.

The greatest potential for strong tornadoes will likely remain just to our south, from east Texas to Louisiana and southwest Mississippi. This is where the Storm Prediction Center has highlighted a Level 3 risk out of 5.

But damaging wind, hail, and perhaps some weaker tornadoes will be possible in the Level 2 zone, which includes much of southern Arkansas. A Level 1 risk zone has been highlighted across central Arkansas, including all of the I-40 corridor and the Little Rock Metro.

This line of storms will bring heavy rain and some wind to all of Arkansas. But the severe risk will be greater the farther south you go.

Again, the greatest risk in Arkansas will involve damaging wind and large hail. But while the tornado risk is low, it is not zero. There have already been damage reports linked to tornadoes in parts of Oklahoma and Texas Tuesday morning. So we cannot ignore this risk, even though the greatest potential lies outside of the state.

The latest timing brings the strongest thunderstorms into western Arkansas around mid-morning. Storms will continue moving across western Arkansas through late-morning, eventually reaching the I-30 corridor and Little Rock Metro areas between 3 and 6 p.m.

The peak timing for our strongest storms will likely occur between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Remember to have a safety plan in place ahead of time in case a warning is issued where you live. If that happens, you want to be within steps of that safe place.

Seek shelter in a site-built home (not a mobile home). Find an interior room or basement and protect yourself using blankets, pillows, or even a helmet.

Storms will move out of the state altogether by midnight. But another wave of rainfall arrives Wednesday before finally clearing out completely Wednesday night.


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