Storms have exited central Arkansas, and tornado watches have started to expire. Central Arkansas is in the all-clear. Tornado watches continue across eastern Arkansas until 4 pm.

The Storm Prediction Center has most of the state is under a level 2 slight risk. This is lower, but all types of severe weather including tornadoes will be possible. Northeast Arkansas is under a level 3 enhanced risk.

The cap we have been talking about that keeps thunderstorms weak, held strong through Tuesday afternoon and evening. This caused the first round of potentially severe thunderstorms to never pop up. But we have also been talking about a second round of storms, and that will move through Arkansas Wednesday.

The line of strong thunderstorms will move into western Arkansas during the early morning hours of Wednesday morning. They will be in Central Arkansas around sunrise and in Eastern Arkansas in the morning and early afternoon. Below is the latest timing of the storms.

Additional heavy rain and thunderstorms will continue in Eastern Arkansas well into Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. No severe weather is expected with these thunderstorms.

Winds will also be very gusty as our front tools through. Winds will be around 15-24 mph with gusts around 40-45 mph.


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