Many in the US will have the chance to see the northern lights on Sunday night. A Coronal Mass Ejection occurred on April 21, which is expected to cause a geomagnetic storm Sunday night.

Currently, forecasts expect areas north of Missouri to be able to see the Aurora. It is extremely unlikely that the northern lights will be visible in Arkansas, however, there is a very slight chance.

According to The NOAA Space Prediction Weather Center, this geometric storm is predicted to become severe, which is what gives Arkansans a very slight chance of seeing the Aurora Sunday night.

Aurora Forecast: NOAA

If you would like to try and see the Aurora, you should travel as far north as you can, and get away from city lights. Make sure you also have a clear view of the horizon. The Aururoa is expected to be visible in areas north of the blue line after 10 PM Sunday night, through early Monday morning.

If you want to try and see it in Arkansas, the good news is, weather conditions will be great! Clear skies are expected across much of the state.

Sunday night forecast

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