It’s no secret that it’s been a rainy start to the year. In the first three months of the year, monthly rainfall totals have been at least 3 inches above average.

Monthly Rain vs. Average

Now, into April, our monthly rainfall has already exceeded its average even though the month of April isn’t over yet.

Rain total facts

With this very wet start to 2023, you might wonder where this lands us in the record books. After the rainfall we received on April 25, this year has now taken the top spot for the wettest start to the year ever in Little Rock.

Little Rock has received 31.37″ so far as of April 25th. On average, we receive 50.42″ a year. Little Rock has already picked up more than 62% of our yearly rainfall, in only the first 30% of the year.

Rainfall totals as of April 25th

More rain is expected throughout the day on April 26 and 27, so these totals will continue to grow.

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