Thanks to a severe geomagnetic storm, many across the US got a great view of the Aurora. This also included many across Arkansas, who usually are too far south to see a glimpse of the northern lights.

Northeast Arkansas Aurora photo from Sunday night: Cameron Williams

According to The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Space Weather Prediction Center, a severe geomagnetic storm occurred Sunday night, causing the northern lights to be seen farther south than usual. This was a level four out of five on the Geomagnetic Storm Impact scale.

Alan Wagoner: Northern Lights Logan County

Most Arkansans that were able to spot the northern lights were in northern Arkansas, taking long exposure pictures. The Aurora is very hard to see with the naked eye this far south.

Susan Smith: Northern Lights Izard County

Many north of Arkansas got an even more vibrant view of the northern lights, which was also easier to see with the naked eye.

Kimmy McLaughlin: Northern Lights in Iowa

Unfortunately, the northern lights will not be visible for most Monday night. The lights are only expected to reach far northern Canada.

Monday Night Aurora Forecast

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