April 2020 Weather Wrap Up

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- We’ve wrapped up another month in 2020. It’s time to look back and see how we faired weather-wise.

The image above is the temperature data for Little Rock for the month of April. Notice that we had many more days of below normal temperatures. Both the high and low averages were below normal which gave way to the monthly average temperature being two and a half degrees below normal.

What else is interesting is when you compare this month to last month. March was completely opposite temperature-wise with us finishing out well above normal.

Why such a change? Weather! I know that is way too simple of an explanation. Here is a little more detail: Looking back at the last two months of our weather pattern activity, March was not near as active with systems coming in from the north. For much of March, we dealt with a ridge of high pressure over the Gulf of Mexico that kept moisture replenished. That moisture kept our temperatures from cooling overnight as well. During the day, the ridge would increase our highs well above where they should be. On the 26th of March, the high temperature for that day was 88!

In April, the polar jet stream, which is the main steering flow of air for the U.S., became much more amplified (active). This kept a belt of systems dropping into the Natural State bringing with it storms and cooler weather.

Speaking of systems and storms, that is a good way to transition to rainfall. As mentioned above we had several systems come through last month. The most notable was the Easter Sunday system which brought three waves of rainfall including severe weather with it. We ended the month with a surplus of more than an inch. This brings our 2020 total to almost 25 inches. That is more than seven and a half inches above where we should be for this time of year.

With rain comes cloud cover and due the multiple systems swinging through the area, we had 23 days with either partly, mostly or full cloud cover. Only 7 days recorded a few clouds to full sunshine.

We are now in the month of May. Let’s watch how the weather will continue to unfold.

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