A Troublesome Monday Forecast

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The KARK-4 Weather Team, your Weather Authority, is confident there will be rain Monday, December 6. All long-term forecast model data suggest that. However, there is disagreement on the temperature for the first day of the work week.

The European forecast model (pictured above) and the Canadian (not pictured) both suggest temps will be 50 or less next Monday. This would give us a cold, rainy day. But the American forecast model (bottom image) is suggesting the temperature will be in the upper 60s and possibly the low 70s.

Does that really matter? Yes, it does. The warmer temperature would allow the atmosphere be unstable, and we would have thunderstorms and potentially severe storms if all the ingredients line up.

That being said, the KARK 4 Weather Team is leaning toward the cooler solution. So, our forecast is a cold rain. Hopefully, forecast models will come into agreement over the weekend and allow us to have a more certain forecast. However, Stay Weather Aware. The forecast can change on a dime. Just think, if it is even colder, we could be talking about wintry weather. But hold off on that milk and bread run for now.

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