LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Summer 2022 has been a hot one, but we haven’t seen temperatures nearly as hot as we did 86 years ago today.

In Little Rock, August 1936 was extremely hot and extremely dry. The average temperature was 4.1° above average and only 0.27″ of rain fell. The apex of the heat wave came on August 9th and 10th. Little Rock reached 108° on the 9th and 110° on the 10th.

Little Rock was hot, but locations in western Arkansas were downright boiling.

It reached 115° in Arkadelphia and Hot Springs and 117° in Texarkana. The hottest temperature of 120° was recorded in Ozark, Arkansas. This is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Arkansas!

The hottest temperature ever recorded in Little Rock is 114°. This occurred much more recently in 2011!


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