753 Consecutive Days & Counting Since Last 100° Day

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- It has been 753 days since Little Rock recorded its most recent high temperature at or above 100°. The last time it happened was on July 15th, 2018. That in itself is pretty significant so we wanted to dive into some other facts about 100° days for the Little Rock area.

If you have lived in Little Rock for the past 10 years or the state in general, then you will recall the summers of 2010 through 2012. As you can see above, we recorded well above the normal number of 100° days we should have for a given year which is seven.

Speaking of 2012, it is a year that made it on the list of the top five years that have the most number of days recording temperatures at 100° or higher. Check out the list below:

  1. 1980 – 47 days
  2. 1954 – 46 days
  3. 2012 – 29 days
  4. 1998 – 27 days
  5. 2000 – 26 days

However, since 2012 our number of 100° days each year has been below normal with three of those years recording no 100° days.

As of August 6th of this year, we have yet to record a single 100° day. If we manage to finish out 2020 without recording one, it would be the first time since the late 60s that we’ve had back to back years of no 100° days being recorded.

In total, we’ve only had 11 instances since the late 1800s when we started keeping a record of weather data when no 100 degree days were recorded for back to back years. The longest stretch was six years in a row spanning from 1888 to 1893.

Now the back to back years might be more uncommon but you might be surprised by the fact that recording no 100 degree or hotter days in a single given year happens about 40% of time.

When you look at the total number of years that we’ve been recording weather data for Little Rock, 141, 57 of those years did not register a day at 100° or hotter.

Now that we are getting into August, our odds of not recording a 100° day is slowly moving more into our favor. Let’s look at some other stats below.

For Little Rock:

  • The average first 100° day to be recorded is around July 19
  • The earliest first 100° day to be recorded was June 6, 1977
  • The latest first 100° day to be recorded was September 6, 1922
  • The average last 100° day is around August 15
  • The earliest last 100° day to be recorded was June 29, 1988
  • The last latest 100° day to be recorded was September 29, 1953

Using this information above, you can see that we are past the average first 100° date but we still have a month to go before we reach the date when the latest first 100° was recorded. We aren’t out of the woods yet but each day that goes by, our odds slowly increase of not seeing one this year.

Of course, we are strictly talking air temperature only. We know that we have felt 100° temperatures this summer with the high humidity levels experienced in June and July.

Let’s continue to watch and see how this pattern turns out.

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