After reaching the mid 80s Wednesday afternoon, it will remain warm through the evening. Warm and breezy that is. It will not drop into the 60s until nearly Midnight. Little Rock will have an overnight low of just 62°.

Thursday will become humid along with the warmth. That increase in moisture will be another ingredient for heavy rain from strong to severe thunderstorms that will start in the afternoon in West Arkansas. They will be in Central Arkansas from drive-time through the evening. They will be in East Arkansas through the evening and a little past Midnight.

The tornado threat is very low, and it appears to only be possible in far West and Southwest Arkansas. Large hail and damaging wind will be possible, but those instances will be minimally severe. All in all, the biggest threat may be the heavy rain that could lead to flooding and/or flash flooding. 2-4″ of rain will be possible in Central and East Arkansas by the end of Friday.

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