TONIGHT: The overnight will be mostly clear with temperatures slowly cooling into the mid 60s. There will be an east wind of 5-10 mph.

THURSDAY: Thursday will be the warmest day of this week. Temperatures will warm into the mid and upper 80s by the afternoon. It won’t be overly muggy, but you will feel a little stickiness in the air. Northeast wind 5-10 mph.

FRIDAY: A cold front will move through Arkansas early Friday morning. This cold front won’t bring any rain or even any clouds, the only thing you will notice is much drier air and slightly cooler temperatures. Friday will feature mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the low 80s.

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND: All Memorial Day weekend will be amazing. Each day will feature cool mornings and warm and dry afternoons with temperatures in the 80s. It will be perfect weather to get outside and enjoy the long weekend, just remember the sunscreen!

– Meteorologist Alex Libby

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