OVERNIGHT: Rain continues to clear out across the state tonight, with clouds remaining over the area. Temperatures will stay in the low 50s with morning lows in the upper 40s closer to sunrise shortly before 7am. Wind will shift and pick up out of the northwest at 10-15mph.

TUESDAY: Breezy, chilly & partly sunny conditions are anticipated Tuesday with high temperatures in the mid 50s. Wind will be out of the northwest sustained at 15mph, with gusts up to 20mph. The morning will start cloudy with some patchy fog. A little sunshine will come through later in the day.

WHAT’S NEXT: Wednesday morning drops to the 30s with plenty of sunshine all day. High temperatures will be in the low to mid 50s by the afternoon. Thanksgiving will also see plenty of sunshine with clouds building by Thursday evening. Temperatures will feel like late November with highs in the 50s and mornings in the 30s.