Another round of icy weather is coming today and will carry through tomorrow morning. This will likely start as freezing rain in South Arkansas this morning and then move into Central Arkansas during the afternoon hours. Then, it will transition to more of a sleet mix in Central Arkansas around Midnight and in the overnight hours. South Arkansas will continue to get mostly freezing rain. North Arkansas will see little precipitation in the form of light sleet and some light snow.

An Ice Storm Warning (dark purple) is still in effect until Noon Thursday in Central Arkansas for the anticipated heaviest freezing rain and sleet accumulations. Ice accumulations will be between ¼” and ½”.

A Winter Storm Warning (white) is in effect until 6PM, Wednesday (this might be extended through the night). Ice accumulations will generally be ¼” or less.

A Winter Weather Advisory (light purple) is in effect until Noon, Thursday for less than ¼” accumulation of ice and/or snow.

Thursday morning will likely still have some freezing rain, but by Noon, it should wrap up across the state as temperatures warm above 32°.