When the sun comes out (if) temperatures will quickly rise into the 80s this afternoon. A strong southwest wind will also aid in the warm up.

It will be warm and humid tonight. Temperatures will hold in the 60s. Tuesday will be a warm, windy and a humid day with a small chance of light showers during the day (only 20%), then a chance of storms will come in Tuesday evening (40%) and into Wednesday morning (70%). Severe storms are possible with a chance of tornadoes Tuesday evening and some large hail. Wednesday morning will be more of a damaging wind threat if storms become severe. It is an Level 3-Enhanced chance for severe storms – a lower chance than last Friday, March 31.

Here’s how the storms may pan out. Notice there may not be a lot of storms Tuesday evening, but they appear to be individual cells. It is those individual supercells that become significant tornado producers. Last Friday there were were several supercells, but only two produced tornadoes; both have been rated EF-3s. Stay diligent. The Arkansas Storm Team will be here for you. Stay Weather Aware.