There’s a small chance of a light shower/sprinkle this morning in Central AR. That will be followed up by warmer temperatures today with a partly cloudy sky for a few hours in the afternoon. Clouds may rebuild late afternoon, and then there will be another chance of rain from isolated showers and thunderstorms. The rain chance for the whole day is only 20% for the Little Rock Metro, but West Arkansas has a rain chance as high as 40%.

The rain chance will increase tonight in West AND in Central Arkansas. That higher rain chance will continue through Friday. We’ll still be limited in that everyone will not get rain with these rounds, but everyone’s chance is higher.

I’m optimistic about Sunday’s chance of rain. It is looking more and more favorable. There’s a chance everyone in the state gets rain, and some beneficial rain too.

Some showers are still possible next Monday. Next Tuesday and Wednesday look like they’ll be dry.